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Industrial Rental Rates

Daily Rental Rates effective 01/01/2012
3KW (20 amp) Honda 3000 AC   75.00
5KW (41 amp) Honda 5500 AC  **Crystal Sync 175.00
5KW (41 amp) Honda 5500 AC  **Non-Crystal Sync 125.00
6KW (50 amp) Honda 6500 AC 175.00
12KW (75 amp) Honda diesel AC 225.00
24KW (250 amp) AC 400.00
36KW (300 amp) AC Industrial Super-Quiet
**Crystal Sync
36KW (300 amp) AC Industrial Super-Quiet
**Non-Crystal Sync
42KW (350 amp) AC 425.00
54KW (450 amp) AC 475.00
60KW (500 amp) AC 500.00
60 KW (500 amp) AC Truck Mount Generator
(Truck mount mileage charge of 48.5¢ per mile)
72KW (600 amp) AC  **New Size** 625.00
90KW (750 amp) AC 650.00
108KW (900 amp) AC 700.00
120KW (1000 amp) AC 725.00
144KW (1200 amp) AC 750.00
175KW (1400 amp) AC/DC 800.00
350KW (3000 amp) AC/480 volt 975.00
**Prices subject to change without notice**

All movie-quiet generators are crystal-sync and sound-proofed for commercial motion picture production and other special events where quiet power is required. KW ratings at 120 volts, single phase. Equipment is considered "on rental" until returned. Above rates based on single shift operation. Double shift operation (12-16 hrs/day) increases rental rates by 50%. 24 hour continuous runtime doubles rental rates. Please call for extended use and weekly/monthly rates.

Effective 01/01/2010, standard delivery and pickup to customer location will be billed at $95.00 per hour portal-to-portal ($110.00 per hour for all units over 175KW). All pricing FOB from equipment location (Brisbane, CA). Customer pays freight both ways.

Fuel delivery service $75.00 per hour (portal-to-portal). Diesel fuel will be charged at $5.75 per gallon. SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN PER GALLON DAILY MARKET RATES. All units delivered with full tanks.

Generators Unlimited also rents and sells switchgear and cable distribution, portable light towers, transformers, portable spot coolers, small portable generators, and climate control systems.