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Movie-Quiet Rental Rates

Rental Rates effective 05/01/11
KVA Daily Weekly Rate
(0-40 Hrs)
Monthly Rate
(0-176 Hrs)
25 150 375 925
40 160 425 1160
70 180 530 1525
105 330 995 2210
200 530 1270 2945
Highter KW units available – Please call for pricing
**Prices subject to change without notice**

(4-Lamp 6KW Tower Unit or 1KW GloBug)
Daily Rate Weekly rate Monthly rate
125 375 1125
**Prices subject to change without notice**

(Weekly Rate - 3 Day Minimum)
Classic 10
(10,000 BTU)
Classic 18
(18,000 BTU)
Classic 40
(39,000 BTU, 3-Ton)
300 350 500
**Prices subject to change without notice**

All rates based on an 8-hour day, 40-hour week and 176 hours for 30-day month. Above rates based on single shift operation. Double shift operation (8-16 hrs/day) increases rental rates by 50%. 24 hour continuous runtime doubles rental rates. Equipment is considered "on rental" until returned.

Effective 01/01/2010, standard delivery and pickup to customer location will be billed at $95.00 per hour portal-to-portal ($110.00 per hour for all units over 175KW). All pricing FOB from equipment location (Brisbane, CA). Customer pays freight both ways.

Fuel delivery service $75.00 per hour (portal-to-portal). Diesel fuel will be charged at $5.75 per gallon. SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN PER GALLON DAILY MARKET RATES. All units delivered with full tanks.

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